GUEST POST: Things You Probably Dont Know Your Smartphone Can Do


Sage Harman was contact me through email. Just a nice person. She want to share with me and  my reader something about smartphone.

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Did you know that your smartphone, with the right apps and accessories can -

1. Turn into a weather station

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You can download real-time weather sensors that will let you track, measure and monitor the temperature, pressure, and humidity around you with your smartphone.

2. Check your health

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You can take better control of your health by tracking your blood pressure and blood glucose levels, your heart rate, and even your diet and daily workouts. With lots and lots of health and fitness accessories and apps available for your iOS, Android and Windows Phone smartphone, health and wellness monitoring is now as simple as checking your email.

3. Transform into a scanning station

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Do you need something scanned but don't have a scanner nearby? There are lots of scanning apps available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone that you can download online.

4. Control your car

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There are tons of smartphone car starters and alarms that will work with iPhones, Android, or Blackberry. You can have access to your vehicle from anywhere - start, lock, unlock and even locate it through your smartphone.

5. Measure stuff

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You can find free apps for determining a level surface and measuring height, width, distance, and area. Your smartphone can easily double up as a tape measure and bubble level. It can also calculate speed, direction in which an object is moving, and distance between objects.

6. Be a universal remote control

Do you have more than a dozen different remote controls? Good news is, you can convert your mobile device into a universal remote that can control and automate several devices at once - your TV, computer, sound and entertainment systems, even your lights and home appliances.

7. Serve as a webcam

With applications like Skype, Yahoo!, Google+, AIM, Windows Live Messenger, ICQ and many others, you can easily turn your smartphone into a portable, wireless webcam.

8. Let you shop cash-free and card-free

With virtual wallet apps for safely storing your credit card and banking information on your smartphone, you can enjoy hassle-free shopping anywhere, anytime.

9. Be used as mobile hotspot

You can share your phone's data access with other nearby devices. Wifi tethering turns your smartphone into a wireless router.

10. Turn into live TV

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Apps like netTV or TVUPlayer will let you stream live shows on the go.

11. Let you read books from it

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There's tons of apps that can turn your smartphone into an eBook reader.

12. Take a screen capture

Taking screenshots is a bit different in every mobile platform. For iOS, press and hold the power button, then the home button. For Android, press and hold the power and volume down buttons. For Windows Phone, press and hold both the power and volume up buttons. For BlackBerry, press and hold both the volume down and volume up buttons.

Do you know of any other cool uses for your smartphone, please do comment and share! In the market for a new smartphone, compare plans and get free information at

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