I never regret i made decision 2 year ago.  1 year to think and prepared.  I meant mental preparation.  Thanks to Encik Suami who always support me,  give me precious me-time every weekend.  Try to make me comfortable to wear "fulltime housewife" title without any income.  Its hard you know,  when you have "online shopaholic" syndrome. Blame on me with my hobby who love shopping (when work stress syndrome in the higher level) and sipping coffee at cafe with my friends. 

Gosh i missed all my friends.  My 'tren buddies',  my 'teh tarik girlfriends',  my 'cubicle + menangis ketawa neighbour',  my thai food girlfriends,  my therapist friends, my jalanjalancari makan and the list go on.  Missed all of them. 

P/S : Bila rindu datang menjengah

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